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A ► Excluding Tubes B ► Automatic Control and High Pressure Reducing Unit i. Pneumatic collector changer CHANGEOVER ii. Regulators with 150 m³ / h capacity iii. Regulator inputs are filtered iv. High pressure manometer v. Low pressure manometer vi. II. Stage pressure regulator vii. Pressure sensor viii. The unit is located on the electrostatic powder painted sheet. C ► Collector (5) i. Non-return brass flow valves ii. Fixed on electrostatic powder dyed sheet iii. Equipped with high pressure relief valves iv. Supported with tube fixings. D ► Connection Pipes (Tij Pipe Set - Whip) i. 130 cm tall ii. High pressure resistant and seamless. E ► High Pressure Reducing Gas Alarm i. The display language and sound signal duration can be adjusted. ii. The display language and the duration of the audio signal can be adjusted. iii. Alarm works with 220 V, 50 Hz, AC current F► The switchboard complies with EN 737, EN 738 and EN 793